Capacity Planning Scenarios Part 1: Projection

Video created by don.hovey Expert on Mar 4, 2016

    This video is Part 1 of a series of videos outlining how to accomplish different capacity planning use cases in VMTurbo Operations Manager. Please see this post for all videos in the series: Video Tutorial: Capacity Planning Use Cases



    Ok, we’ll start off the Planning Scenarios with a Projection. The use case for a plan like this would be to determine how much hardware is needed at a future point in time based on the historical growth of demand for resources. Some things to think about: How far into the future would you like to plan? At what interval would you like to see the data points for the plan (every month, every quarter?)

    So here’s how we do a Projection plan very quickly. First click on the scope button and select the cluster or datacenter you’d like to work with. Now let’s turn on Projection. We are now presented with a few options. How far into the future would we like to project? Select your end date. Based on the number of months into the future, Operations Manager displays the divisible monthly intervals for which we can plot the projection. Click run. Here are the results! For each monthly interval we can see the total number of workloads we need to anticipate and the necessary hardware needed to support their demand for resources. That was pretty easy! Let’s save and export to a PDF.