Turbofest Silicon Valley 2016 - Ben Nye Welcome - The Journey to Control

Video created by don.hovey Expert on Mar 29, 2016

    Watch VMTurbo CEO Ben Nye 's welcome message from Turbofest Silicon Valley 2016: The Journey to Control - Intelligent Software that Guarantees Application Performance


    He speaks to the challenges facing the modern data center at web scale and why software is the only way provide the Application Performance Control required to be competitive today, while freeing IT time and capital to deliver the new technology and capability for business tomorrow.


    Why the Need for this Journey?

    1. Application Proliferation
    2. Application Atomization (Micro-services)
    3. Increased Adoption of Virtualization, Hybrid Cloud
    4. Greater Host Utilization (resource contention)
    5. Heterogeneous Demand (VM, VDI, Containers)
    6. Multi-Tier Hybrid Cloud Stack (2x tiers)
    7. Increased Choices: private, hybrid & multi-cloud
    8. Scarcity of Labor and Sillsets Available
    9. Application Performance Demands ..."Slow is the new down!"