Capacity Planning Scenarios Part 8: Host Removal

Video created by Anson McCook Expert on May 17, 2016

    This video is Part 8 of a series of videos outlining how to accomplish different capacity planning use cases in VMTurbo Operations Manager. Please see this post for all videos in the series: Video Tutorial: Capacity Planning Use Cases



    In this scenario we’ll simulate the effect of removing hosts from a cluster. Click on the green plus button to open up the Plan Wizard. Select “Decomissioned Hosts”. Now choose which cluster you would like to remove hosts from. Expand PM Groups, expand Physical Machines by PM Cluster and select your desired cluster. Now we’ll select the host or hosts we’d like to remove. Expand PM Groups, expand Physical Machines by PM Cluster, expand the cluster you selected. Now select the host or hosts you’d like to remove. You can multi-select by holding down the control or shift keys while clicking. Once selected, click “Remove”. Now click “Next”. Finally, uncheck “Allow Host Provision”. This tells VMTurbo to not suggest adding more hardware back into the cluster. We want to see what will happen if we have to use the remaining hardware to support the workloads. Click Finish. Now click Run.

    Not surprisingly, utilization in my cluster has risen as I am now running on fewer hosts. VMTurbo has confirmed I can in fact support the removal of these hosts without compromising the performance of the cluster. The todo list at the bottom highlights how VMTurbo has rearranged workloads to accomplish this. If you need to perform maintenance on the hosts you just simulated removing, you could create a workload placement policy to have VMTurbo evacuate those hosts for you automatically.