Turbonomic Top 10 Features: Improve Overall Efficiency Dashboard

Video created by maria.rodriguez@vmturbo.com on Jan 6, 2017

    What can I do to improve my environment's efficiency?


    Turbonomic Top 10 Features: Improve Overall Efficiency Dashboard


    To access the Improve Overall Efficiency Dashboard, use the fly-out navigation pane in the dashboard tab of your administrator instance, and select the second option from the top. Once you’ve opened the dashboard, you will see:


    A To-Do List that shows actions for efficiency improvements in your environment.


    Three panels below relating to Virtual Machines and Storage, Wasted Storage, and Virtual Machine Efficiency.


    This To-Do list here is similar to the list in the Assure Service Performance dashboard, except that this list shows actions related to efficiency improvements.  An example of an action that you may see here is move a VM off an underutilized host . This also illustrates the value of Show Top. It is likely that once you follow the actions to evacuate an underutilized host (and these actions will appear in this, the Improve Overall Efficiency Dashboard), it is likely that the next time you look at Show Top, you will see an action to suspend an underutilized host.  This action will only be shown once there no longer are VMs running on this host.


    Let’s explore the other components of the dashboard, by clicking the expand icon on each panel.


    The “Virtual Machine and Storage” panel shows how VMs are consuming storage resources. You can explore storage usage and distribution on a cluster or total environment basis. You can also view how much storage is allotted to dormant VMs where no applications are active, or to powered-off VMs – this information is useful in identifying storage resources that can be reclaimed.


    Now, the “Wasted Storage” panel, true to its name, allows you to see wasted storage amounts for each storage entity in your environment. Turbonomic defines wasted storage as disk space used by files that are not being used by any running VMs. By default, you will not see this panel. In order to see it, you need to go into Policy, and enable datastore browsing.  Once you do, this panel will appear, and within several minutes, the wasted storage information will begin to populate.


    The “Virtual Machine Efficiency” panel shows resource capacity, limits, and reservations for every cluster.  If there are actions to resize, you will see the desired amount, as well as the change, here. To see additional details and specific actions to execute, click on a cluster.