Turbonomic Top 10 Features: Supply Chain

Video created by maria.rodriguez@vmturbo.com on Jan 6, 2017

    How can I see everything in my topology and how all my entities relate to one another?


    Turbonomic Top 10 Features: Supply Chain


    To access the Supply Chain Navigator, select the “Supply Chain” tab. To the left of your screen you will see the Navigator. This view not only shows how Turbonomic models your environment as a supply chain of consumer and producer entities but also the supply and demand relationship between those entities.


    The interactive supply chain allows you to click on any entity in your environment and see how it is related to every other entity.  You can examine utilization levels and execute actions.


    Now let’s take a moment to delve deeper. In line with Turbonomic’s economic model, the “Utilization Index,” or “UI”, is a reflection of the quality of service users are experiencing.  In general, the higher the UI, the higher the delays users may experience.


    Select a type of entity (such as VM, physical machine, or storage) in the navigator, and the individual entities populate below.  This list is sorted by UI, and entities in red are overutilized.  Select an individual entity from this list and all other panels display information from the perspective of this entity.  For example, if you select a VM, you will see utilization information about the VM itself, as well as the host, storage, and applications associated with this VM.  Select a host and you will see utilization information about the host, as well as the datacenter, resource pools and all VMs associated with this host.


    When we select an entity and view the utilization information in the center panel, the purple box represents the current UI, and the green box represents where the UI will be after the actions have been executed.  You can view and execute the actions, shown on the right, by checking the box, or choosing “Select All” and clicking “Execute Selected.”


    The last bit to understand on the Supply Chain view is the graph on the bottom right, showing utilization levels for each resource the selected entity consumes, over time. You can view average and peak utilization, and see trends going back the last 24 months.


    You can also limit the graph to show one, some or all resources, and hover over any portion of the graph to get more detail, like so. This view can be particularly helpful to identify utilization spikes.