Turbonomic Top 10 Features: What-if Scenarios

Video created by maria.rodriguez@vmturbo.com on Jan 9, 2017

    How can I run scenarios to plan my workload and understand my infrastructure needs under varying circumstances?


    Turbonomic Top 10 Features: What-if Scenarios


    To access this dashboard, click the “Plan” tab located in the navigation bar at the top of your administrator instance. The left side shows you the configuration panel.  This is what you will use to set up your plan.  To start a new plan, Edit Scope.  Typically, you will choose to run your plan on a datacenter, group of clusters, single cluster, or some other group.  The larger your scope, the longer the plan will take to complete.  If all you want to do is assess your current environment, click RUN.  To edit the demand, i.e. add, replace, or remove VM’s, select Edit Demand.  To Edit supply, i.e. add, replace, or remove hosts or datastores, select Edit supply.  There are other optional settings as well, such as specifying the utilization measurements to be used in the plan (done in Baseline), and Projection, which allows you to simulate adding, for example, 10 VMs a month for the next 2 years and determining when/if you will need additional resources to support the growing workload.  Advanced Settings have numerous options, including the ability to disable host or datastore provisioning or suspensions.


    After the plan completes, plan summary shows you the results of the plan, and if you select ‘See Actions’, you can see the plan itself.  The views above plan summary all show you the current and desired (post plan) states.


    I’m just showing you here the tip of the iceberg.  Any scenario you can imagine can be simulated.  Check out the product documentation and GC articles to see more detailed options.