Cloud $ecrets Webinar Series Part Two: De-Fogging the Public Cloud

Video created by chris.graham Expert on Apr 12, 2017

    Previously recorded April 12, 2017


    In the earliest stage of Cloud Adoption, De-Fogging, organizations struggle simply to understand what their options are. What does this stage look like? Few workloads, if any, reside in public clouds. Those that do are fragmented pods of Dev/Test applications maintained by fragmented Dev teams. IT proper is in the earliest stages of devising a cloud strategy, researching and evaluating all of the below and more:


    •  Options – what public cloud services exist and how are they differentiated
    •  Workload candidacy – what can move and what requires refactoring?
    •  Costs – at a high level, how to public cloud costs compare to private infrastructure?
    •  What monitoring, migration and automation toolsets should we be evaluating?
    •  What steps should we be taking today to position ourselves for successful cloud adoption?


    Join Turbonomic cloud expert shaines, as he ushers you through the successful process he and team took at Disney to refactor and migrate a mission-critical Parks app to Amazon Web Services. What should you be doing today to set your organization up for cloud success? Ask Steve!

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