Cisco & Turbonomic - Bringing Real Value to Customers

Video created by angelo.luciani on Jul 13, 2017

    Liz Centoni: We see digital transformation as having a perfect storm effect that is driving the transformation of enterprises along with three factors, application evolution, application location, and infrastructure management. First when you think of applications, modern applications, they're fundamentally becoming less monolithic and data center-centric and becoming more mobile-enabled and hyper-scale in architecture through the use of more modular and highly distributive micro-services. What this does is also creates an explosion of new endpoints that IT has now to manage and secure.


    Mike Myers: So, it's a lot of fun for me when you have the opportunity to talk about the success stories that IT has in our environments because they're the same kind of successes that our customers can replicate. If you think about the Cisco powered data center in that you have the apec that's going to instrument against the network, you have UCS that has a bunch of APIs associated with it, and then we layer the appropriate software on top of it to really give our customers the opportunity to utilize the flexible assets in the data center in a very unique way. None of our competitors have the ability to offer that sort of thing to our customers.


    Liz Centoni: Now when you're talking about modern IT, your organizations, they have to deal with users and apps and workloads that operate in public-managed private cloud. So, hybrid is the new black. The big challenge for IT is that it's an end problem. When you look at monolithic apps you have your Microsoft, SAP and Orale. These are not going anywhere anytime soon. But you also have to prepare for the onslaught of your modern, next generation applications that are containerized for example. So, it has to support both on-prem while leveraging the agility and simplicity of a private cloud and public cloud options. So, when you look at the scale and speed of change automation is not optional. The Turbonomic platform itself enables the speed and reliability that our customers need in order to execute on digital transformations.


    Mike Myers: When we find a company like Turbonomic that just dovetails so well into the environment, it makes a huge difference. And we have amazing scale to demonstrate what some of these products are really capable of doing. And when they fit into the ecosystem so well, it just becomes a natural extension of that Cisco powered data center for us.


    Liz Centoni: When I look at this partnership, we as Cisco, our customers can take advantage of the real time optimization capabilities of Turbonomic, which by the way has been optimized for UCS environments.


    Mike Myers: When you think about Turbonomic and UCS it actually puts a smile on my face. The other day I was talking to a bunch of folks that came up from Latin America and they looked at me and they said, "Well, you're using it?" And I said, "Yeah. We're using it and it's saved us millions of dollars. And let me show you how. It's millions of dollars, it's 54 terabytes of memory, it's 4800 virtual CPU cores," and everybody's eyes get really big.


    Liz Centoni: What we plan to do next is expand this integration across Cisco's entire hybrid cloud stack and with the rest of our data center portfolio, bringing real value to our customers.


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