Cloud $ecrets Webinar Series Part Four: Public Cloud Cost Control in Server and Storage

Video created by chris.graham Expert on Aug 28, 2017

    Previously recorded July 19, 2017.

    In Stage 2 of Cloud Adoption, Efficiency, organizations must confront and grapple with the reality that cloud is significantly more expensive than projected. As they migrate a combination of both Dev/Test and Production workloads into the cloud, the potential for cost overruns is immense.


    At the server level, oversizing by just one or two templates can equate to tens of thousands of dollars in avoidable overspending each year – and that is just for a singular instance. Played out across tens, hundreds or thousands of workloads and the potential for unbridled spending is wild.


    Unlike private infrastructure, idle workloads in the public cloud incur real debt, hour over hour. The ability to quickly identify and decommission idle workloads is paramount in public cloud cost containment. What’s more, however, is continuous identification of unused storage volumes. In the cloud, when an instance is decommissioned, its attached storage persists and racks up bills.


    This webinar covers: 

    • Different instance cost and pricing models among AWS and Azure, and consumption strategies to help you minimize bills.
    • Storage cost and pricing models and consumption strategies to help you minimize bills.
    • How Turbonomic’s hybrid cloud management platform permits you to scale your public cloud strategy while enforcing strict budgetary and user provisioning governance to guarantee operating expenses are minimized and performance is assured.

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